Okay everyone, step back for a second.

I get it. This episode was sad and touching and Bradley kicked ass, and we’re all feeling for Merlin and we’re excited that Arthur’s king and there was plenty of bromance going on. But can we all take a step back and look at how fucking FUNNY this episode was?!?! I have seen maybe 2 gifs or screencaps of the lighthearted part of this episode and that’s it! Colin Morgan as Dragoon makes me laugh every. Goddamned. Time. You needed the lightness to fully appreciate the darkness, but no one seems to be getting that. 

Yes it’s sad that both Arthur and Merlin feels like he killed Uther, and now we’re all upset because Arthur’s turned against magic seemingly forever, and Merlin’s going to have to hide who he is which means no reveal for a while yet, but I think that makes it more enjoyable. Same with losing Lancelot. He’s gone, but we know he’s coming back because of the story, so now we know he’s gonna have a badass reunion scene with everyone.

SO TAKE A BREATH. It was sad, but if you know the legend, you know what happens so sit back and wait for the twists that get us there, and enjoy yourself.

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